Want front messages archived on my Gmail account

So, the help articles state that if I connect my gmail account to front, they will by synced.  

I did this, but don't see any evidence of past front messages showing up on my gmail account.    

I actually don't want to two way sync per se.   I just want an archived backup of all my front messages stored on that gmail account.

Yes, imap is enabled on my gmail account.  


Any suggestions or hints?    Most of the help articles seem to focus on importing into Front, not exporting out of front.

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  • Hi Saul!

    Front syncs two-way with Gmail. There's no way to use Gmail as just a backup.

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  • I am attempting to figure out how this system works.  It appears rather obtuse.    I managed to get SOME, ie 36 of our SMS messages to show up in my connected gmail account.    But, the hundreds of other sms messages I dragged to that gmail folder in front, won't show up in Gmail.

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  • saul Hi there. Moving messages to another folder in Front, won't move them in Gmail. Here's more information about the Front/Gmail sync. If this doesn't help, please email us so that we can dig deeper into your specific account.

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  • Yes, well, that, like most of your documentation, only refers to messages moving from Gmail to Front.  
    You say its a Two way sync, but offer no information about syncing in the other direction.

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  • saul Good point. We'll work on updating that. What syncs from Front to Gmail is the status of the conversation - read/unread, archive, and delete.

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