Can we view Gmail Spam folder in Front?

We sometimes have customer emails find their way into the Gmail spam folder as Google in their wisdom decide that's where they belong. While some of them deserve to be there, as a business we should really reply to all customer emails regardless of how stupid they may look haha!

The problem is I can't see how to find these emails in Front. We just had a customer leave us a 1 star review on Facebook because we weren't replying to his emails. When we searched Front on his email address, 2 emails appeared with the message "This conversation was restored by spam filtering". So Front can obviously access these email.

I would hope that the good people at Front don't believe that legitimate emails never find their way into the spam folder so I assume there must be a way to view and recover them, but I just can't see where this is. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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  • Hi Pete,

    As of now, Front doesn’t have a spam filter, so we rely on your email server to not forward us any email that they consider spam. Front doesn't add another layer of detection for spam.

    Here are some additional points I can provide regarding spam:

    • When you mark a message as spam, it goes into your Trash in Front
    • The sender is marked as a spammer in Front
    • All future incoming messages from the same sender will be automatically deleted in Front
    • If the inbox in which the message has ended up is a real Gmail account, then the message will be moved to the Spam folder in Gmail as well
    • Messages in the Spam folder in Gmail are not received in Front
    • You can find messages previously marked as spam in Front in the Trash inbox
    • You could also perform a search using the is:deleted modifier

    Hope that helps!

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  • Hi Cori

    You seem to have completely misunderstood my message. I'm not expecting or requesting that Front adds a layer of Spam filtering. Gmail is perfectly capable of providing that. Two spam layers will just cause untold carnage. What I'm saying is that there are ZERO email clients out there that have a 100% success rate of determining what is spam and what isn't. They've certainly got better, but there's still the odd false positive out there.

    I would find it very astonishing if you at Front believe that Google, Outlook, Spam Assassin etc, should be 100% relied on and not provide a way for people to view what has been marked as spam to enable users to recover those emails that were incorrectly put into the spam folder. Even if that means a custom search of in:spam or similar. 

    As it stands, I now have to give access to the gmail interface to our customer service team so they can check the spam folder in there, which seems very backwards as Front is supposed to be the central place for managing all emails!

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  • Pete Sorry for the confusion. Let me clarify the point that says "Messages in the Spam folder in Gmail are not received in Front." They are received, but only in the Trash folder. Spam from Gmail and Office 365 inboxes will go straight to the Trash folder in Front. You can use the search filter is:deleted to search for trashed conversations.

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  • I would like to clarify which is the problem we are facing, I think also was Pete concern:

    Let's say we have 20 Gmail in front, receiving 200 spam a year :

    20 x 200 = 4.000 spam emails a year, but let's say an average of 5% of those emails is from legitimate customers that Gmail wrongly tagged as spam

    5% of 4000= is 200 emails per year we need to reply

    So the ideal situation will be a spam inbox where all spam emails from all inboxes because we as a business have to check them to reply those 5% legitimate customer emails.

    Other good solution will be if it exists any filter we could apply to trash folder to see only spam. Because right now trash folder has spam and deleted emails mixed with no way to realize which ones are spam and which ones are deleted.

    Right now I have only bad options to choose from:

    1- Ignore 200 hundred emails from legitimate customers a year because my agents can't check it in front.

    2- Give my agents all Gmail password for 20 accounts and ask them to check it once a day (extremely inefficient and insecure).

    3- Transfer the task to my admin (we solve the security thing, but becomes more inefficient because now I have the admin waisting time with a simple task that the agents can perform perfectly well).

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  • Joaquin Garcia thank you for this very detailed feedback. I have logged it for our product team to look at when they prioritize for our roadmap!

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