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We’ve all been there before, waiting in anticipation, wondering if your last email has been read. With Front’s seen receipt you never have to guess again. See exactly who is opening your emails and when they read them. This makes tracking conversations and following up easy for any team. 😎

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  • Is there a way to run a report or have "seen" email notifications in a feed?  it would be great to see when people are reading your emails.  For sales/marketing etc.  Let's say someone from a month ago just opened my email.  (Similar to Yesware/Toutapp) I would love to follow up with that person!

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  • Nik Schultz Hi!

    Currently that's not possible, however, I will share this as a request with our product team.

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  • Cori Morris I think it would be an amazing feature and hopefully easy to implement and maybe have the option to toggle it on/off.  #fingerscrossed

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  • Can read receipts apply to SMS as well?

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  • Big +1 for filter and/or notifications for 'seen' events.

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  • The Seen receipt function only appears to be working for me with internal emails.  This is a change I've noticed over the past two weeks where I suddenly cannot track emails sent outside the company.  Can you advise why this might be happening and how to fix it.  Thanks! 

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  • Allie Huang No, it's for email only at this time. 

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  • Christina Dille Please email us a Conversation ID so that we can investigate further.

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  • Cori Morris Is it on the radar for addition? How do we submit this as a feature request? 

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  • Allie Huang It's not been requested in the past, but I'll submit a request to our product team now. Thanks for the request!

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  • Cori Morris Is the 'seen receipt' functionality available through the API? I can't find any references to it in:

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  • Sorry Romulo Manzano - at present it is not available via the API, however I will raise a feature request to see if we can get this added

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  • +1 on api support (including webhook support)!

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