How to share a draft

As soon as you start composing a draft, it's only visible by you. If you want other teammates to be able to see it or review it, you can use the icon that looks like a person with a plus sign:Then select Share. Once the draft is shared, you can comment on it and mention teammates to get their feedback. 

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  • OK... But it's a unfinished feature as is... and an unfinished article! So this feature seems useless to me.

    1st) The tutorial : ok, I share it... and then??? where does it appear to my team? Do they get notified that there is a draft on which I need comments? It is not told in the tutorial, neither anywhere else... so now, I am not at the office, I have to send a mail to tell my team to look into somewhere to find my share draft... duh?

    2nd) The feature itself : are you REALLY saying that ALL of my team is going to see my shared draft? So this a kibbutz feature. We are ALL on the same level, and we share everything all together... But hell no! As the CEO, I want to share private stuff to my assistant and not to share it with my consultants/developers/support!

    The conversation system is great on emails, assignments also, but this 'shared drafts' is promising but truly disappointing. I won't use it until it gets right... Result : I will send my draft in an email, like I did 20 years ago.

    Front is great though and changed the way I interact via email, but some functionalities still need some improvement (like this one or Sequences). But you're on the right path.

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  • Jerome Chouraqui Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding shared drafts. Let me clarify a few points for you.

    1. Once you share a draft from a team channel, you will also want to @mention the teammate that you want to see this draft. If you don't @mention your teammate, they will only see the draft if they happen to come across the email. They will not receive a notification about it.

    2. If you share a draft from your individual channel, no one will see it unless you @mention them on it, or if you've given them access to your inbox, they can come across it as well. As a CEO, you can share your draft, and then @mention your assistant so that they can access it. 

    We agree there could be improvements here. I will share these comments with our product team. Thank you very much.

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  • Cori Morris OK. I get it. The documentation here is somehow unclear (to me). I finally managed to do it with my colleague... but when she modified it... I just couldn't modify it myself as she was the only one to have right to modify or send it! Do you know how I can get back control?

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  • Jerome Chouraqui No problem. Yes, if you click the three dots in the top right corner of the draft, you should be able to take the draft back over.

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  • Cori Morris Thanks Cori. This should be really, I mean REALLY be included in the article/tutorial. If you don't explain this, then, it is not explained at all...

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  • Cori Morris  I will again complain over this feature. When you share a draft, you can comment it and the person who is targeted will be able to edit the draft... ok. That cool. But a fantastic splash screen tells the new writer that the sender WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EDIT IT LATER... and that's TRUE!!! WTF??!!

    So the promise of "gathering feedback before replying" is not true at all if I can't re-edit it once it is edited by someone else! Either, there is something I am missing in this feature, either the claim is false. Whatever that is :

    - your tutorial is -still- incomplete and not well explained

    - the feature is unfinished or the claim false OR I did not understand (and leads us to the fact that the tutorial is not clear)

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  • Jerome Chouraqui Hi there,

    Apologies for the confusion here. The warning is misleading. However, what it means is that they will not be able to modify it while you are editing it, but they can take it back to edit it a second, or even a third time. 

    Hope that helps!

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  • Cori Morris Hi... I am sorry... I don't see how to share back the draft. I looked everywhere. I don't find it. Please help.

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  • Jerome Chouraqui Sorry if we weren't explicit enough here. So, there is no specific button to "give the draft back". Once a draft is in shared stated it means that  both the person sharing it and the one that it is being shared to can access it. The process relies heavily on the commenting function. Once you are done editing your draft the person who originally shared it should see your updated version. They can then go into the 3 dots (top right corner of the message) and there you will see the option edit draft. You can then add your own changes and notify the team member you are working with to have a look. The changes will populate in real time and the team member can then do the same. That way you can have a constant loop of improvements to one drat (share draft > edit by team member > comment > edit draft > comment etc.) I understand that this process may not be very clear at present so thank you for your feedback on that.

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  • Urszula Hi, I finally understood how it works. Thanks. It is highly inexplicit... But  I think that the comments now will make it easier for the newbie to understand this very useful functionality... But please improve to tutorial...

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