Understanding tags

Front's tags allow you to add context to a conversation or keep track of certain topics in your inboxes. Below is a list of things you should know about tags.

  • Tags are either public or private. If a public tag is added to a private conversation, the conversation will not be made public. If a private tag is added to a public conversation, the tag will only be visible to you.
  • You can add tags manually by clicking the +tag button in the subject section. Then type the tag you want to add in the blank text field or scroll to find the tag. Either click the tag to ensure the tag is checked or select Return after typing it. You can add as many tags as you want. 
  • To create a new tag, click the +tag button in the subject section. A window will appear. Select Create a tag. You will be prompted to give your new tag a name, turn the toggle to make it private (or leave it disabled to make it public), and highlight the tag with a color or emoji (if you want). Private tags will appear with a lock next to it. When you're done, click Create.
  • You can highlight tags with colors or emojis, and make it appear in the second pane. This helps to quickly identify urgencies or topics before clicking into the message.  To do this, click the applied tag and select Edit. When you select a color, the text of the tag will appear in the selected color. When you select an emoji, only the emoji will appear.
  • You can also automatically add tags using rules. To do this, just add an action using the Add tag option. If you need to add multiple tags, you can list more in this same rule.
  • For a shortcut to messages with important tags, pin them to your workspace. Click on More (below the Trash icon) and choose a private or public tag from the list. It will be pinned to give you one-click access to messages with that tag.
  • The tags management page gives you a complete overview of your public tags (not private tags). To get there, go into your Settings, and select Tags. To edit tag attributes, click on a tag. From there, you can edit the name of the tag, define in which inboxes the tag appears, and delete the tag. 
  • Tags in Front will sync with your Gmail labels for individual inboxes, and you can do a one-time historical import of your labels for team inboxes.
  • Office365 and Gmail folders for team inboxes will also sync over to Front as tags upon a one-time historical import.
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  • Am I right that one can only add tags to his own or company inboxes?

    Is there a way to have company-wide tags and to import them instead of adding them manualy?

    We think of using tags as "folders" and for the time being  to achieve that, each user would need to add manually the same tags, to be able to use it in his own inbox. It seems a bit awkward for us.

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  • Hi Przemysław Cichowicz,

    Yes, you are correct. We don't currently have a way to add default private tags for everyone.

    At the moment tags are by inbox. We are working on revamping tags, and when we're finished, they will be either by teammate (visible only by this teammate), or by team (visible only by this team).

    We'll be sure to let you know when the revamp is live. Hope that helps! 

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  • Hi Cori Morris ,

    Can I vote for that and see the progress on Front Product Roadmap at Trello Board?


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  • Hey Przemysław,

    Sure, although, there's no need to vote for it because it's already in progress.  It's now on Trello.

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  • Hey, the settings for new a tag have changed a but right?

    Right now in our case the tags are set to private by default, is there any way we can set the as public by default when creating a new tag?

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  • Gustavo Batista You are correct :-)

    There's no way to change the default. If you're in a team inbox, it will default to public tags, and if you're in an individual inbox, it will default to private tags. 

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  • Is there any way to prevent teammates from deleting tags? Or adding tags officially until it is approved?

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  • Allie Huang Funny you ask :-) 

    Today we launched the ability to create custom roles and permissions. Take a look and let me know if you have any additional questions!

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  • Cori Morris Cori - I don't want to take away the ability from the team specifically but would like some control to be able to modify the tags after they have been created. Example. We have two tags that are meant to be the same thing "Indianapolis (INDY)" and "downtown_Indy" now we have some conversations tagged one and note the other or vice versa... I'd like to consolidate those... is there any easy way we can get that done? I'd like to turn all the "Indianapolis (INDY)" into "downtown_Indy"

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  • Allie Huang Currently there's no way to migrate all conversations from one tag to another. It will have to be manually at this time. Sorry!

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  • Cori Morris is it possible to change the highlight color of exciting tags? I can only select a highlight color when I create a new tag in the menu bar via "More" > "Create new tag". If I create a tag via "Settings" > "My Tags" or "Company Tags" it doesn't give the option to select a color either.

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  • Rolf Dröge Yes, you can change the highlight color for existing tags. You'll have to do this in the front-end, though. Click the + to add the tag and once it's applied to the conversation, click Edit. You'll see you can add a color there.

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  • Cori Morris awesome!

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  • How do tags sync with our email provider (G Suite)? It obviously imports tags initially, but does it create tags from Front to Gmail or vice versa?

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  • Hi  Cori Morris

    Is there any way to change a private tag into a public tag?

    I made some private ones, but we've since had more members added to the team that will need to access these Tags.

    So far I haven't found a solution. Your help will be greatly appreciated :-)


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  • Hi Melissa Ong  

    Unfortunately, there isn't a way to transfer a private tag into a team tag. You'll need to recreate it as a team tag and go from there. We suggest that as a general best practice, if there's a possibility that a tag may be useful for the team in the future, create it as a team tag from the start to avoid this issue. :) 

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  • Hey Matt Campbell sorry for the delayed response, we didn't see your message. Tags made in Front will sync with Gmail!

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  •     Helena Li Wow, thanks for the prompt response. 

    Will do! 

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  • We are trying to figure out why some of our tags are showing numbers, indicating that there are unread or open messages under specific tags.  When we click to view the messages with these particular tags, there are no messages in Unassigned or Open.  

    What other reason would there be numbers hanging out next to certain tags?  It seems to be happening in private tags.  And we have logged into Gmail, to see if we could find some hidden unread messages in the correlating folders, but found nothing.  

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  • Melissa Walters Hi!

    The counter that you're seeing next to a tag includes conversations that have been tagged by all teammates. You may not always have access to those conversations. With this in mind, it's possible that the counter won't equal the number of conversations that you show in that section.

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  • Hi guys, for those who use the tagging feature very actively, maybe this could be helpful: Automatically Tag Conversations in Front using Machine Learning

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  • Raul Garreta Tompson Hey Raul, this is amazing and so detailed! Thank you so much for posting it - I've shared it with our team :) 

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