Understanding tags

Front's tags allow you to add context to a conversation or keep track of certain topics in your inboxes. Below is a list of things you should know before creating tags.

  • You can add tags manually by clicking the tag icon in the conversation toolbar. Then type the tag you want to add in the blank text field or scroll to find the tag. Either click the tag to ensure the tag is checked or select Return after typing it. You can add as many tags as you want.
  • You can color code tags and add emojis to a tag so it appears in the second pane. This helps to quickly identify urgencies or topics before clicking into the message.  To do this, click on a tag and select Pick a color or emoji. When you select a color, the text of the tag will appear in the selected color. When you select an emoji, only the emoji of will appear.
  • You can also automatically add tags using rules. To do this, just add an action using the Add tag option. If you need to add multiple tags, you can list more in this same rule.
  • The tags management page gives you a complete overview of all tags being used across your company. To get there, go into your Settings, and select Tags. To edit tag attributes, click on a tag. From there, you can edit the name of a tag, define in which inboxes the tag appears, and delete a tag. 
  • Tags in Front will not continuously sync with labels in Gmail. They will only sync with Gmail once, and that is if you choose to do a full inbox import of your history. This can only be done if you're a Gmail or Office 365 user connected via IMAP.
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  • Am I right that one can only add tags to his own or company inboxes?

    Is there a way to have company-wide tags and to import them instead of adding them manualy?

    We think of using tags as "folders" and for the time being  to achieve that, each user would need to add manually the same tags, to be able to use it in his own inbox. It seems a bit awkward for us.

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  • Hi Przemysław Cichowicz,

    Yes, you are correct. We don't currently have a way to add default private tags for everyone.

    At the moment tags are by inbox. We are working on revamping tags, and when we're finished, they will be either by teammate (visible only by this teammate), or by team (visible only by this team).

    We'll be sure to let you know when the revamp is live. Hope that helps! 

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  • Hi Cori Morris ,

    Can I vote for that and see the progress on Front Product Roadmap at Trello Board?


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  • Hey Przemysław,

    Sure, although, there's no need to vote for it because it's already in progress.  It's now on Trello.

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