How to add and use folders

Folders are a great way to organize your conversations. There are three main ways to move conversations into your folders:

  1.  Drag & drop
  2.  Channels
  3.  Rules

Drag & drop

Manually drag and drop the conversation that you'd like to move into a folder.


Step 1

Go into your Settings, select Inboxes, and Add a team inbox.

Step 2

Select Folder.

Step 3

Name your folder. Then click Next.Step 4

Select the teammates you want to have full access to this folder. Then select Create inbox.Step 5

You can then add a channel if you'd like, but it's not required. Either way, you should now see the new folder in your Team Inboxes section, and start moving emails to this folder.


Step 1

Go into your Settings, select Rules, and Add a team rule.

Step 2

Create your rule. The action should be to Move to inbox. This rule will automatically move conversations into your folder.

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  • Can I reorder folders that are under TEAM INBOXES? I'd like to move recently created folder on top, but I can't find a way to do it.

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  • Hi  Przemysław,

    Currently, you cannot reorder inboxes/folders. They are listed alphabetically. One workaround could be to add numbers before the names (i.e. 1-Support). This is on our roadmap, though, so look out for this new feature soon!

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  • 1. How can we create subfolders ?


    2. How can we create folders that are private to me, and that apear below my private inbox ?

    Thank you


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  • Hi Miguel,

    1. Currently, there is no such thing as subfolders in Front.

    2. We’ve temporarily removed the ability to create individual folders. There was an issue where conversations that were moved from a shared inbox to an individual folder become private conversations to that user. So, the team that once had access to the conversation, lost access because it now sits in an individual folder. We’ll be releasing a new behavior for individual folders soon, though.


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  • Why can't we set up individual inbox folders?

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  • Hi Andrea,

    Sorry for the delayed reply. We’ve temporarily removed the ability to create individual folders because there's an issue where non-admins can change the access of conversations to private. We’ll release a new behavior for individual folders in later this year.

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  • Cori Morris Is there an update on individual folders? I haven't been able to use Front for 100% of my personal emails because of this missing function. Thanks!

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  • hi,  

    Is there a way to exclude team folders from the analytics?

    Any updates concerning individual folders?

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  • Joyce Lee Sorry for the delayed response. We are working on individual folders now. Hope to have an update for you soon!

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  • Ram Hi! You can create a new analytics report and exclude folders from there. Regarding individual folders, we're currently working on it! Stay tuned for the announcement 😀

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  • Hi Cori , Do you know if this issue was solved? 

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  • Francisco Mendoza Hi! What issue exactly?

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  • Hi, Cori  Sorry, I accidentally erased the whole question. I'm talking about the individual inbox folders, Is possible create this inboxes ?

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  • Francisco Mendoza Not right now, but we're working on that feature now! We hope to launch it soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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  • Cori Morris Perfect, Thank you!

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