How to filter my messages

Front allows you to filter your messages in three ways. Use the tabs at the top of the second window pane to filter your inbox by unassigned, open, or all. 

  • Unassigned - emails that are unassigned and have not been replied to. No one has taken ownership of these emails. This option only appears in your team inboxes.
  • Open - emails that have not archived.
  • All - all emails including unassigned, replied to, assigned to, open and archived.

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  • How do I filter to messages that have a customer reply last, and no reply from us yet?

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  • Brian Graham Hi! You can use the is:unread filter to see conversations that are unread, but there's no way to filter by unreplied.

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  • Hi Cory, can you please add my vote to add an "unreplied" filter? If we had looked at a customer email, and then added a "delay" to look at it again, at a certain point it becomes very hard to tell which things in the inbox still need a response and which are just timed items coming back.

    Also: is "unread" unread by us or by customer, or both? 

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  • Brian Graham No problem! Happy to share this request with our product team.

    Unread means unread by you.

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