How to move a message to a new conversation


Is your customer replying to an old thread about a new topic? Are different customers’ replies to an email campaign being threaded together? Anyone on your Front team can move a message into a new conversation with its own assignee and tags, and any follow up replies will thread together in a separate conversation. 

This is currently only available for email conversations but will launch soon for other channels like SMS or Front Chat. There's one caveat, though. lf at any time a conversation thread includes a message To or From a Front Office 365 channel, the option to move a message to a new conversation will not be possible.

How it works

When you move a message, it's removed from its original conversation and used to start a new, separate conversation. Anyone with access to the original conversation can access the new one by a link in the conversation, unless it’s moved to an inbox they don't have access to or their access is revoked. 

The new conversation will have the same followers and assignee as the old conversation. If the original conversation was unassigned, the new conversation will be also unassigned. Tags and comments will remain on the original conversation and will not be moved.

Moving messages is only visible to your Front team, not to the external recipients on the thread. To make it easier for them to keep topics separate, we recommend changing the subject line when you reply to the new conversation to something different from the original.

How to use it

Step 1

Open the conversation you want to split, and click on the message you want to use to start the new conversation. 

This must be a single message — you can’t select multiple messages and move them as a group. Any messages after the message you select will remain in the original conversation.

Step 2

Click the message options menu and select Move to new conversation in the dropdown.Step 3

Click Move when it asks you to confirm the move. This action cannot be undone, though you can use our merge feature to combine the threads later.Step 4

You will land in the new conversation with the single message you selected in Step 1. There will be an activity line in the new conversation linking to the original thread.Step 5

There will also be an activity line in the original conversation linking to the new conversation.Step 6

Reply from the new conversation if you would like replies to be threaded there. You can change the assignee, tags, or subject line of the new conversation without impacting the original conversation.

Caveat for Gmail channels

If you are moving messages in a Gmail channel, your channel's threading mode is important.

With Gmail threading, there is usually a 1:1 relationship between Front conversations and Gmail conversations. When you move a message, you create multiple Front threads for a single Gmail conversation. When you tag, archive, or delete one of the threads, the others can be tagged/archived/deleted by mistake because Gmail syncs that action back to all of them.

If you frequently use the "move message" feature, we suggest changing your threading mode to another option, which will disable the sync of archiving, deleting, and tagging with Gmail. All emails will continue to show up in both Front and Gmail so you can access them in both systems.

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  • I just stumbled across this. Don't recall seeing this great new capability in announcements. Love it!  Cleans up those pesky auto-responders (just move and delete)

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  • John Fabrega Great to hear that you are enjoying it! 🙂

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  • I absolutely love this feature! Thank you! Is there anything in the works to be able to move a message and all the ones following it into a new thread? Given this option wasn't available in the past, it would be nice to separate and clean up past threads as they reopen. Thanks!

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  • Helen Giles I'll definitely pass your feedback on to the product team! This feature isn't currently in progress but we'll update you guys if it gets built :) 

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  • Is there a reason why this option only appears on certain emails? I am trying to start a new conversation and the option is not available in the drop down.

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  • Brooke Carlton What type of conversation are you trying to do this from? Currently it's only available for email conversations. Are you referring to a chat or SMS message perhaps?

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