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Whether your team is made up of part-time support agents or full-time sales reps, Front gives you the ability to customize how your shared inboxes work 📨. By default, Front auto-assigns messages to the first responder of a conversation. If that doesn't work for your team, simply turn it off in your inbox settings. 

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  • I have my emails sorted / arranged by date and conversation. I assign a category to pending emails, in outlook 2007 incomming responses would group under the conversation but have no category assigned. In outlook 2010 the incomming response is automatically assigned the category of the conversation. How can I disable this auto allocation? There is no rule set for this, it appears to be default outlook behaviour.

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  • Hi Zim Ali 

    How are you doing the categorization - is it with tags in Front or are you categorizing within Outlook?

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