Add a contact to an existing group not working

Seems like something might have broke in the app. I have groups I have created in contacts, for example "Clients". Contacts that have been added to that group are still showing as members of that group but when I try to add a contact to that group now there are no groups showing now.

Also, when I compose an email and start typing an existing contact name in the "to" or "cc" field emails they are part of shows in the drop down, not necessarily their contact record. May be related or not but this is all new.

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  • Hi Chris von Nieda

    Could you send us an email so that we can look into this on your account? That would help us greatly 😁


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  • Cori Morris sure will do right now thanks!

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  • I am having the same issue, contacts cannot be associated with groups.

    I am on the 14 evaluation process of FRONT to implement in 2 of our companies and the concept is really good but I kind of see some bugs around and contact part is very limited on things that import / export

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  • Not working for me either. 

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  • Hi Guillermo Dewey and Reed Whitmont,

    We're in the process of rolling out improvements to our Contact Manager. Apologies in advance for all of the confusion. What you're experiencing here is that you're trying to put a private contact into a team contact group. That's currently not possible. When you click to add a private contact to a group, only private contact groups will appear. Does that make sense?

    Please also feel free to reach out to your specific Account Managers with concerns regarding the Contact Manager.

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  • Cori Morris the actual contacts that get added by default have an option to add them in a group. I assume this new created group has to do with that contact regardless of any explanation. its there, in the contact detail.

    I just cant find a way to add contacts in the actual grups.

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  • Guillermo Dewey What's most likely happening is that you're emailing with this contact in your private inbox, which makes this contact a private contact. So, you can't add it to a team group.

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