How to create canned responses

Canned responses are predetermined responses to common questions. Using canned responses is a great way to tackle issues that require a standard or simple response. They allow you to respond faster to incoming emails, and lessen the repetitive nature of replying to frequently asked questions

There are two ways to create a canned response. The first is in your Settings, and the second is directly from the composer.

Option 1 - Settings

Step 1

Go into your Settings and select Responses. Then Add a canned response.

Step 2

Create your canned response. Don't forget to try out our variables!

Step 3

Format your canned response by highlighting the text you want to edit.

Note: if you add a subject, the subject of the conversation will change every time you use the canned response. It will override the previous subject.

Step 4

Once the canned response is created, click Inboxes to choose in which inboxes this canned response appears.

Step 5

Now it's time to use a canned response! Whether you're in the full composer or in the quick reply, click on the tape recorder icon to add a canned response.

Option 2 - Composer 

Step 1

Compose a new message, and draft it.

Step 2

Click on the tape recorder icon and select Save as canned response.

Step 3

Enter the name of your canned response, and click Create.

This canned response will now be available for future use.

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  • Is there a way to create individual canned responses?

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  • Hi Joyce, yes! If you go to Settings, Responses, click in to any of your responses and select Inboxes. That's where you can set it to only show for yourself.

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  • Cori Morris great thank you!

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  • Another question - is there a plan to make organizing/finding canned responses easier? (folders would be awesome)

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  • Joyce, we're getting ready to launch a new design for canned responses. It will separate private and team responses. You should expect to see this announcement in the next few weeks.

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  • Cori Morris Could you elaborate on this? Or is there any way to give me a quick demo/design overview? We're evaluating whether to make the switch to Front for our support team (we're currently on the trial.) And canned responses is one of the major barriers for us right now.

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  • Joyce, sure! Your Account Manager will reach out with more info.

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  • Canned responses are fantastic! Thank you! A great addition for us would be a way to include a placeholder within canned responses which had to be replaced before sending became possible. To avoid team members accidentally sending an email containing a placeholder symbol (in cases where variables aren't appropriate / available).

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  • Hi Sarah,

    Great suggestion! I'll be happy to add this to our list of requests.

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  • Sarah, we've decided that this isn't a feature we're going to prioritize right now, but the best way to accomplish this in the interim is to utilize the highlight tool. 

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  • Links I'm using in canned responses don't show up as links in my actual response, just plain text. Why?


    Thank you,


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