When is this key and essential piece of functionality going to be added? How can you collaborate without a joint calendar/meeting area on Front?

This is my number 1 annoyance and means I have to keep using outlook.

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  • I would like to see the same a calendar would take front to the next level 

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  • This is really the feature you should implement as soon as possible. Using Front without agenda/calendar makes really inconvenient. 

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  • I'm going back to outlook for this reason and also the useability. It's so hard to find emails you have sent previously, particular when they are involved in other threads. If I want to send a weekly report, in outlook I often to reply all, change the title, copy the content delete the previous week from the bottom of the email. Attach the file and job done. In Front you have next to no chance of even finding the email from last week. That's before Front hides the title of the email and you have to remember to uncheck it to see the title or risk it going out with the wrong weeks title!  Ultimately Outlook is a massively superior email client for single use. Until they address this instead of focussing on the less essentially collaboration features it isn't worth moving over. Collaboration in front is fine but as an email client it seriously sucks.

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  • So they just released an integration with meetingbird which would allow you to track all of your meetings and port them over from gmail and office 365. It's not an outlook integration but if you can manage to move over to one system or the other it might be an option to stick around.

    You can check it out here,

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