Getting around the 100 recipient email limit

I wanted to give you guys a heads up on how we overcame the 100 recipient limit on email.  This is a no-code, power user, solution. 

Because our users are in Front all day every day, I wanted Front to be where they manage our email contact lists.  The Groups function makes this simple for us.

However, when a group gets larger than 100 recipients, then this functionality fell flat, as we could not email that group from Front any longer.

As a work around, I decided to send larger emails from Outlook.  I just needed a way to make all the work we do organizing our contacts in Front to translate over to Exchange.

I decided to use the PieSync integration that Front offers to sync specific front Groups to specific Contact folders in Exchange.  Once the Contact are in the correct exchange folder, then sending the larger email is easy. 

Note: Be careful, our Exchange Online environment only allows 500 recipients at once.  However in Outlook, you can just choose the first 500 in BCC, click send, hit forward on that same email, then choose the next 500 in BCC and click send, and so on, its an easy work around.

PieSync costs just $10 per month for the basic plan and can be used for multiple inboxes

This solution is not as easy as if Front had this functionality built-in (ahem, ahem), but an idea to get you started if you want to manage you email lists using Front groups.

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