Understanding sequences

Front allows you to send automated sequences to a list of email addresses. Here’s what you should know before creating sequences.

You can create individual and team sequences.

  • Individual sequences can be sent from any individual inbox
  • Team sequences can be sent from any team inbox as long as it’s an email channel. We don’t support SMS, chat, etc.

Sequences can be as little as one stage, and as large as 10 stages.

  • Each stage will be a reply to the previous stage
  • Subject line is the same for each stage (except with a “Re:” after the first stage)
  • You cannot edit the subject line after sending Stage 1
  • Once you’ve started a sequence, you can add a new recipient and click Save to send them Stage 1 immediately

You can upload a .csv file of contacts that you'd like to send a campaign to.

  • You will be limited to 200 addresses. You can upload a single .csv of up to 200 addresses. If it’s more than 200, you will get an error message. You can also upload multiple .csvs. If the total number of recipients exceeds 200, we will ask you to delete the additional recipients at the time you start the sequence
  • The first column in your .csv file must be email
  • You can have other columns of data (up to 20 custom variables/columns are supported)
  • You cannot manually create a column. Additional columns can only be created by uploading a .csv
  • You can delete a recipient row by ticking the checkbox and clicking Delete
  • You can manually edit any field (Name, Company, etc.) but the change will only apply to this sequence. It will not sync to your Contact Manager
  • If an email address is missing from a row on your .csv, the row will be deleted, and you will not receive a warning. If other fields are missing, we will highlight it in yellow, but you will still be allowed to continue
  • If there are duplicate email addresses, we will use the data from the latest row
  • You can CC and BCC addresses in all sequence emails

You can utilize your Contact Manager to send a campaign to.

  • You can send a sequence to contacts or a contact group from your Contact Manager. When you start typing a recipient in the Email field, Front will auto-complete with matching contacts or contact groups. If you pick a contact group, then all the individuals in that group will be added to the sequence

You can use variables in your sequences.

  • To automatically insert names and other information from the fields in your .csv file (like a mail merge), type {{ to trigger a variable dropdown
  • If a variable does not exist in every row of your .csv, you can define a fallback. When defining a fallback, make sure you surround it with single quotes {{variable |‘fallback’}}
  • Typing {{ in the subject line won't trigger the dropdown options, but if you type out the variable (i.e. {{name}}) it will autofill with the variable
  • Standard and custom fields are supported as variables (type {{ and all possible fields will appear in a list)

Signatures are not currently supported in sequences.

  • You can manually type your signature in the body of the email

It's possible to stop a sequence.

  • If you want to stop a sequence, you can delete that sequence from the menu of sequences
  • To pause a sequence for one recipient, delete the recipient
  • If recipient replies, sequences will automatically stop for that recipient (auto replies like "Out of office" messages will not result in the sequence being stopped)

It's possible that two people are editing a sequence at the same time.

  • If two people are editing a sequence at once, the latest change will be used
  • Recipient list changes are cumulative - if A and B both add 2 recipients each, you’ll see 4 recipients
  • Drafts are shared. The latest change will be used
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  • Great feature!

    I think the following minor additions would make it more awesome:

    • add a "reply" column in the statistics, so you can see the replied date (maybe tick + {date} as cell value)
    • add a date in the open-column (maybe tick + {date} as cell value)
    • enable adding an e-mail address to a sequence from an e-mail
    • add success rates for each stage for sent>opened>replied>not replied
    • enable editing sequence name and from address after the sequence is created
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  • ddofborg Thanks for sending these! This is definitely on the roadmap for future versions.

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  • Hey Team,


    Any way to stop a sequence for a given contact/recipient via API?

    Or automatically if you see a cal invite go through for that person?

    Or automatically if they respond to an email?

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  • Sean Matthews Not at this time. The only way is if the recipient replies to the sequence itself.

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  • Sounds good... on the roadmap at all? I think we'd love to use the feature but only if we can also stop the sequence from an external source via API

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  • Sean Matthews Not on the roadmap, but I will add it to our backlog and share it with our Product team.

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