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We are using the Salesforce integration in Front, which works pretty well, but we are seeing all custom fields in the sidebar for objects - even custom fields we haven't selected to show up. This is a bit overwhelming, as we have many custom fields that we don't want to see on the form. 

Is there any way of hiding these fields? Or, if not, could we at least control the order in which they show up as a workaround so that we can put the one we want to show at the top? Right now it looks like they are in a random order. 


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  • Hi Devon Fritz,

    It sounds like you haven't toggled your visibility settings. Are you aware that you can do that?


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  • Hi   Cori Morris ,

    I only have two fields selected for Contact when I click on the Gear Icon in the SF sidebar and then go to Contact, if that is what you mean. It looks like that affects what I see when I am viewing a Contact in the sidebar, but when I go to create a new Contact in the sidebar, all of the custom (checkbox) fields are there, regardless of what I select. 

    Is there anything I can do about that? Thanks!

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  • Hi Devon Fritz,

    I see. We don't support toggling custom fields during the create/edit view. The visibility settings only affect how they're displayed in the plugin pane.

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  • Hi Cori Morris

    Thanks for the answer. Do you know how they are ordered on the Create/Edit views? There is really only one checkbox we care about on that screen and I'd like to hack it up to the top if there is some way to do so so that it isn't buried in the middle and my team can use it.

    Also, any plans to make this feature available in the near future?

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