Deleting Folders

I'd like to delete one of our folders which contains thousands of emails. 

How do I do this without losing all of the contents or manually moving them all to another inbox/folder?

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  • Hi Jack Whyles,

    You can do this by setting a new destination inbox, which is essentially moving all of the conversations to another location. To do this, you will go into your folder settings, and select Move channel at the bottom. Once you do that, all of those conversations should be moved. You can double check this by sending a new message to that address and making sure it ends up in the new location. You can delete the folder as soon as you've confirmed it's all set up correctly.

    If you delete a folder, all conversations in this folder will be deleted. 
    When you do so, Front will ask you multiple times to confirm this action. 

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

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  • Hi Cori, 

    Thanks for your reply. I can't seem to find this Move Channel option. Could you share a screenshot so I can find it?

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  • Hi Jack Whyles,

    Does this folder have a channel? It might be best to move this conversation to email. If that's okay, please send the folder name to, and we'll dig in to your specific case.

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  • Just noting here.... I tried to do this and realized AFTER I had deleted some folders that not ALL conversations move over, despite having changed the destination Inbox. So I'm pretty sure I lost a good many conversations just now.

    My only guess as to why this happened is because there were conversation in that inbox that got moved manually rather than being through the channel that was in that inbox. 

    Not good :(

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  • Allie Huang Sorry 😦

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  • Let me clarify and provide an example of what actually gets moved when you "move a channel" in Front. 

    A conversation comes to your Support inbox. That conversation is then linked to your Support inbox. You decide to move that conversation to your Sales inbox. Later, you decide to move the channel to the Customer Success inbox. You are only moving the conversations that are linked to the Sales inbox. Conversations that were moved to the Sales inbox are still linked to the original destination. If you then decide to delete the Sales inbox, those conversations will be deleted.

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  • Basically, to the original poster's question, the answer is no. There isn't a way to move folders without losing all their content. 

    As a reinterpretation: 

    I have two inboxes - with these channels
    Support -
    Customer Success -

    Any conversations that currently come in to those inboxes are linked to those inboxes, not the channels

    So when you want to move to Customer Success - this would only apply to future conversations. Any conversations that occurred before the switch would remain in the folder that it originally came in and you'd have to manually move those conversations via the 'Move to' option, at the top of the message content headers.

    There is no easy way to mass move conversations from one inbox to another, without it automatically unassigning and reopening all those messages. So this isn't scalable when you have thousands of messages you're trying to move. The recommendation I was given is to restrict your users' access to the previous folder (that used to have the channel) so they no longer operate in it OR have your users adjust their individual view - the latter option would allow for users to still be able to search for conversation history, without having that old, unused folder taking up space in the sidebar.

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  • Allie Huang To clarify, it doesn't only apply to future conversations. It applies to conversations that came in to that inbox from the beginning. It skips conversations that were moved to that inbox.

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  • Cori Morris Ookay, so I wasn't going crazy when I could have sworn that some conversations did move. This is slightly different from what I was told outside this thread by others.

    So it applies to messages that came in to that inbox through the channel(s) linked to the inbox, but it doesn't apply to messages manually moved into the inbox, or by rules, etc...

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  • Allie Huang Correct!

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  • So after having followed Webinars and Tutorials, I see that I got it wrong and want to reorganize and you are telling me that it is not possible? I was trying to delete folders/emails, I made a whole new organization and see that I can't move old conversations as a whole? That is insane!

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  • Jerome Chouraqui Currently Front lacks the ability to mass move conversations from a folder. I apologize for that. Maybe there's a workaround here, though. Can you provide additional details about what you're trying to do with what inboxes/folders? If you prefer to share these details through email, please feel free to send an email to

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  • Cori Morris , I found a workaround that worked for me. I used the 'Move To' option in order to move all my emails to the desired folder. I lost somehow the conversations, but not the emails. I could then reorganize my whole thing.

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