Rule to Assign Conversation to Previous Assignee

Is it possible to create a rule that assigns an unassigned conversation to the conversation's or contact's last assignee?

So the scenario is this:

Jane is a new customer, she contacts us and is assigned to Bob who replies to her.

She wants an item that won't be in stock for a 2 months, so Bob moves the conversation to a shared team inbox "Follow up when stock arrives" and unassigns himself. As it was never resolved and needs following up later it's not appropriate to archive it - so Bob unassigns it to get his Inbox to zero.

2 weeks later Jane replies to say she's changed her mind and reopens the conversation - here is where a "Reassign to last assignee" rule kicks in and returns it to Bob if he's still with the company.

The rule would either trigger off the last assignee of that conversation or the last assignee of that contact - either would work.

What I've tried:

I've setup contact groups that always assign specific customers to the same staff member, however this is only really useful for managing regular customers, for ad-hoc enquiries adding every new enquiry to a specific staff members contact group is unwieldy.

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  • Hi Ben George,

    Currently there's no way to do this, but I've shared this as a request with our product team, and will let you know when we build this capability.

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  • Thanks Cori!

    From day 1 we've been plagued by the issue of how to deal with emails that can't be archived yet and yet still hit inbox zero - I think this would at least let us partially work around this. So far unassigning and stashing them in another inbox is the only workaround we've been able to find but that leads to this scenario.

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