How to import your email inbox history

Step 1

Make sure your inbox is a Gmail/Google Apps/Office 365 account connected to Front via IMAP. We can only import this type of inbox.

Step 2

Please send an email to, and we will complete the import for you.

Step 3

All imported emails will be auto-archived. Conversations can be viewed through Search or in your All view.


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  • When it gets imported from gmail will the labels (tags) transfer over with the emails?

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  • Darling Gomez Hi there! It depends. If it's an individual inbox, labels will not be imported. For team inboxes, they will, in tag form.

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  • Thank you, Cori. Will the tags be the current name or will it change to something that currently exists and closest to the imported name?

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  • Darling Gomez It will stay the same as it is in Gmail.

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  • Awesome! One more question that just came up. Will those tags be automatically public? If so, is there a way I can make them private if I need to?

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  • Darling Gomez Yes, they will be public. That's why we only import tags from team inboxes. There's no way to make them private tags.

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  • Oh, gotcha makes sense! Thank you again, Cori, for all your help!

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  • One more question just wanted to get clarification on the public view. By public, do you mean everyone who has access to that team inbox or does everyone in our team organization (General Assembly)?

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  • Darling Gomez The tag will be a public tag, so all people in your team will see and be able to use the tag. If the public tag is added to a conversation in a team inbox, but a teammate doesn't have access to that team inbox, they won't be able to access that conversation. 

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  • Cori Morris Awesome! Thank you for the clarification, I wanted to make sure I was understanding it properly. 

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