How to enable and use the Shopify integration

Like other integrations, you need to be an admin in order to enable the Shopify integration.

The Shopify integration allows you to display information about your customers when it's available in Shopify.

Step 1

Go into your Settings and select API & Integrations. Scroll down the list, and click on Shopify.

Step 2 

Turn the toggle on to enable Shopify.

Step 3

Retrieve your Store Domain, API key, and API password by logging in to the Shopify website. You may have multiple stores as well.

Step 4

The Store Domain can be found in your store's admin URL that comes before

Step 5

Now you need to generate an API key and API password. To do that, go to Apps, and then click Manage private apps.  

Step 6

Select Create a new private app.

Step 7

Give your app a name. We suggest something like Front for future reference. Then click Save.

Step 8

Copy and paste the API key and API password into Front.

Step 9

If you need to connect multiple Shopify stores with Front, use the + sign to add a store. Repeat steps 4-8 to generate API keys and passwords for all your Shopify stores and enter them in Front.

Step 10

Click Save to finish enabling the Shopify integration.

Step 11

You can now display information about your customers and their orders directly in Front. Open the right pane by clicking on the arrow located on the top right corner of your Front interface.

You will be able to see the information available in Shopify and tied to the current message in Front. The links will take you to the respective pages in the Shopify interface.

You can also switch to a different store in your plugin pane. 

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  • Definitely a killer feature.
    Any chance we can change the info that are displayed ?
    Eg: tracking number, phone, etc

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  • Le Petit Lunetier Not at this time, but I'll go ahead and share this request with our Product team.

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  • Hello  Cori Morris ! Indeed, it would be great to have the tracking number, number of order by the customer,.. that displays on the app. Do you have any update about when those features will be available?


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  • Hi Panda Tea 

    We don't have a timeline for this request yet, but once we have an update we will update you!

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  • Cori Morris Have the fields been updated so that we can view/add fields?

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  • Adam Metz Not yet. I'll be sure to let you know when they are. 

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  • Cori Morris Is there a rough ETA (e.g. 2019)?

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  • Adam Metz Hopefully this year, but it's not scheduled yet, so I can't provide an ETA.

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