Looking to set up a big, blaring notification

I'd like to have a system set up to send me a "76 trombones/big parade" huge notification when a new contact comes in. My ideal would be something flashing on my screen and a loud noise, something really attention grabbing.  So far, the best I have done is turned on the windows notifications with sound and cranked my volume way up (but then I need to deactive sounds for anything else).  Has anyone found a better solution for big notifications? Any input appreciated!

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  • Hi Val, that is a really interesting feature that you are looking for. I guess you have all the Front notifications activated already? https://community.frontapp.com/t/6362k8/how-to-see-my-notifications .

    If you are looking for something to trigger when an issue is happening maybe you can try using Pagerduty https://www.pagerduty.com/ or one of the alternative solutions as an addition to Front notifications.

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  • Hi Urzula, thanks for the response.  There's a response from Duncan Roy on the thread you shared that encapsulates the challenge very well. If I am working exclusively in Front, the notifications are OK. However, if I am monitoring Front while using other applications or machines but want to be able to respond quickly, I have not figured out how to get the existing Front notifications to help. 

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