Canned response sent when an email is assigned - can I add user name?

Hi - I've set up a rule that triggers when an incoming email is assigned to a particular individual (me, in this case, as I'm just trying it out); I've used the {{}} variable in this email (to say something like, Tom has been assigned to deal with your order, but when this rule is triggered, the email doesn't have the name.


After it's been assigned, I can manually send the same canned response, and it will include my name correctly. Is there some way of having the name of the assignee included in an email that triggers when it happens?






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  • Hey Tom,

    In your question you specify {{}} instead of {{user.first_name}} - a period instead of an underscore. Is that how you wrote it in the canned response as well? If so, that's the reason you're experiencing this issue.

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