New in Front 3/16/2017

We've just released a few new features in Front 🙌

Highlight tags in your conversation list with color-coding or emojis

Tags are a great way to track customer feedback, feature requests, lead stages, and more. Now, tags aren’t just visible when you open a message — you can see them in your conversation list too. Click on any tag, and choose a highlight color or emoji to see it in your inbox at a glance. 


Create automatic notifications for your teammates

Front rules make it easy to manage messages automatically, and we’ve just added a new rule action: Notify teammates. Example: a support message hasn't been replied to in 24 hours? Notify Cori, your support lead. You can select as many teammates as you want in the rule, and your team can manage their preferences in SettingsNotifications, Automatic Notifications.

Save your draft when you switch between Reply and Reply-all

You've drafted a long response and just realized you should reply-all? Not a problem. You can now switch easily between Reply and Reply-all modes without losing your draft. Open the actions menu in the previous message to choose your reply mode at any time.

Our public roadmap is up to date!

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  • is it possible to add more information to the rule notifications?

    this is definitely a useful feature, one that I'd like to use in more than one rule; however it's not obvious which rule has notified you.

    including the rule name would be great!

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  • Jem Wilkinson Hey! Great feedback. I'll share this with our product team.

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  • Hey Cori,

    I've noticed this now happens when a rule notification pops up; works nicely and is very useful.


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  • Jem Wilkinson Yes! Just launched the update. Thanks for sending the recommendation in :-)

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