Individual contacts and team contacts

Within your Contact Manager, you have individual contacts and team contacts. As it sounds, individual contacts are private to you, and team contacts are shared amongst your team. You'll see them listed in two separate sections:

When you connect an individual inbox with Front, your individual contacts are kept separate from your team. You can create and edit your private contacts under My Contacts in Front’s Contact Manager — and when someone emails you, new contacts are added there automatically. Use the plus sign to create new contact groups that are private and only visible to you.

If you’re using Teams to manage multiple workspaces in Front, contacts are handled separately. Choose the Team you’re looking for in the side panel of the Contact Manager to view, edit, or create contacts and contact groups for that specific Team.

Things to know

  • If you only have one Team, you will only see one Team in the first pane.
  • There's no way to migrate contacts from one Team to another Team.
  • For those previously using Front before individual contacts and team contacts were established, all of your Team contacts will be duplicated across all Teams. They will not be duplicated to your individual contacts.
  • For those previously using Front before individual contacts and team contacts were established, all of your contact groups will be migrated to your first Team. 
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  • Any way to add teams?

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  • Is there a way to make all contacts team contacts or change a private contact to a team contact? We're seeing many duplicate contacts with inconsistent information.

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  • Cameron Grigsby Can you clarify your question?

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  • John Fabrega Not at this time, but I'll share your feedback with our Product team.

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  • Cori Morris So, it appears that if a 'team' contact has been personalized and 'individual' email is sent, one has to create an additional contact for that same person. Then when trying to save it, Front complains about a conflict with an existing contact. The choices are Replace or View. 'Replace' does nothing, and 'View' appears to create a new contact. Is that the intended behavior?

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  • John Fabrega The workspace you are in will determine whether the created contact is in an individual or a team contact. Also, when sending an email, depending on your company contact settings, that may automatically be creating a contact, which can have a delay to it. I would recommend emailing with the conversation id and contact that you experienced this issue with and we will investigate further.

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