How to set business hours

Like integrations, you need to be an admin in order to set business hours.

Front lets you define business hours: the time when your team is expected to reply to customers. Setting your business hours allows Front to calculate more accurate analytics for you. 

Business hours are always defined according to your current timezone.

Step 1

To set business hours, go into your Analytics, and select Business Hours.If you're using Teams with Front, you can also select business hours per team. When configuring business hours in Analytics, they will be applied to whichever team is selected in the first pane as highlighted below.

Step 2

This popup window is where you can set your team's business hours for each day of the week. Disabling business hours will cause all days and times to count in the analytics calculations.


Responding outside of business hours

When business hours are set, hours that fall outside of them will not count towards response and handle times, giving you a clearer picture of how your teammates are performing. Keep in mind that if you deactivate Saturday and Sunday, but respond on Sunday to a message received on Saturday, the response time for that conversation will be 0 (because 0 business hours passed between its receipt and handling).

No retroactivity

For performance reasons, business hours are applied every time you receive or send a message. This means that if you edit your business hours, it won't change the response time of past messages. It will only affect future conversations.

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