Unassigned on folder move

Our messages are unassigned when we move folders - is there any way to keep them assigned as they were before the move?

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  • Hi Matt, that's by design. Can you provide a use-case where you wouldn't want this to happen?

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  • Cori Morris On our support chain we have a folder called "awaiting 3rd party" we'd like to move emails into that with the current user still assigned so they are assigned when the 3rd party replies/delivers etc

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  • Matt Buxton The best way to do that would be to move the conversation to that folder before assigning it.

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  • Cori Morris I understand that - but they have already been active and assigned for several rounds of communications before they get moved. I'd suggest a rule where we can override that unassignment would be useful.

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  • Matt Buxton I will share you request with the team. Thanks!

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  • I would like to second this suggestion. Our team often needs to move a conversation to a different inbox after it has been assigned (for example at manual creation by team member).

    A rule to circumvent this function would be very appreciated!

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