How to use variables in canned responses

Variables are placeholders in canned responses or signatures that are dynamically filled based on the context. They can be used in both the body and the subject of canned responses. They can also appear in URLs.

Here's a preview of what you can do with variables in canned responses:

Variable Options

Below is the complete list of variables. To use a variable, simply type two double curly brackets {{. The list will appear, and you can select the one you'd like to use.If the recipient name does not exist in your Contacts, it will not populate in your canned response. For situations like this, define a fallback. When defining a fallback, make sure you surround it with single quotes.

  • {{recipient.first_name | 'there'}}
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  • Can you have custom variables? I.E. when I create custom fields in Pipedrive and I have Pipedrive integrated with Front can I pull in the custom fields associated with my contacts when emailing from front?

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  • Hi silopakcirb,

    Currently we do not support custom variables. Sorry!

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  • Cori Morris I would also love that feature.

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  • Cori Morris Custom variables would be awesome. We have a number email templates that require manually pasting in things, like order confirmation numbers. If our database could be linked to Front, and we could pull in fields from our own records, we could save a ton of time.

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  • Cori Morris Is it possible to put text on the left side of the pipe? For example:

    If the recipient is a contact:

    Hi Cori,



    Unfortunately, I expect that:

    Hi {{recipient.first_name | ''}},

    would get me:

    Hi ,

    Thank you.

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  • Geoff Ball Hi! Unfortunately this isn't possible right now. Sorry!

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