Understanding rules

Front's rules allow you to automate some of your workflows to save time and increase efficiency. Below is a list of things you should know before creating rules.

  • You can create rules for both individual inboxes and team inboxes. Team rules can be applied to any shared inbox. Individual rules will only apply to your individual inbox. You need to be an admin in order to add a team rule.
  • The order in which your rules appear serves as a hierarchy. A rule that appears higher on the list will take precedence over a rule lower on the list, in the case that they conflict. Use the arrows to the left of each rule (upon hovering) to move it up or down the list.
  • Each rule has three parts: trigger(s), condition(s), and the resulting action(s).
    1. Trigger - When specifies the types of events that will cause Front to evaluate if the conditions of your rule are met.
    2. Condition - For the condition, you can choose either all or at least one of the following types of criteria (with one or more criteria set, either way). The conditions available depend on which triggers you have selected. For the contains condition, you can include multiple items that you want the rule to apply to by using a semicolon to separate the list.
    3. Resulting action - Then specifies what action you are wanting Front to take.
  • Front allows for time-based rules. Use these if you would like your rule to trigger some time after the initial event.

Now that you understand rules, it's time to create a rule.

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  • I cant get rules to work.  Simple one that when I assign a tag it should move boxes - anything I am missing?

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  • Hi Chris,

    Sorry I'm just now seeing this. Did you ever get it to work?

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  • I'd love an option for 'Stop processing further rules'. I need to have a lot of extra clauses in rules further to the end to stop from triggering for earlier rules. This is really simple in Freshdesk (which we use while evaluating Front)

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  • Jean-Paul Horn can you explain this a bit more? Are you looking for something like "if this rule is triggered, override other rules" or what?

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