Cleaning Professionals Ensures Response Times are Two Minutes or Less


Cleaning Professionals is an eco-friendly cleaning service for homeowners and businesses. They offer full cleaning services, as well as customized packages, to meet customer needs and budgets.

One of the main ways they differentiate themselves from other cleaning services is by providing clients with flexibility. Customers can use text messaging, phone, or email to update their preferences and tailor their services, even when a Pro-Cleaner (professional cleaner) is already at their house. Cleaning Professionals updates the Pro-Cleaner within one minute, so that the service can be adjusted right away.

With different communication channels at the heart of Cleaning Professionals’ flexibility, it was important for the company to be able to monitor incoming messages and respond to customer needs quickly.


The team set up an email address for sales and support requests and a number for customer texts via Twilio for each city.

"The problem was that we were using Gmail and Hiver to manage all of our incoming email inboxes,” explains Levi Koenig, CEO and Founder of Cleaning Professionals. “These two tools were incredibly difficult to use together. The user interface was very clunky and outdated. We also constantly had to jump back and forth from inbox to inbox, as well as our Twilio dashboard, to keep up with a conversation from all angles. Often, we missed a message or replied twice to the same message that came through both email and text.”

The company also needed the ability to measure how quickly requests were addressed. They had done some research and knew that if they kept response times under two minutes, they could increase close rates by two times.

“The problem was that none of our tools could do that,” says Koenig.

This was the point when Cleaning Professionals started to look for an alternative solution. They first came across Zendesk.

“We used Zendesk for literally two days before we realized it wasn’t the right fit,” says Koenig. “First off, it was focused solely on support, which meant we couldn’t handle our sales requests with it. Even with support, their responses to our customers were in the ticket format—very impersonal.”

After a bit more research, the team found Front.


“Front was exactly what we were looking for and more,” says Koenig. “With Front, we were able to centralize all of our communication channels. We have brought in every email, text message, and now also social media communication into Front.”

This ability to integrate communication channels helps Cleaning Professionals in three key ways:

Unified Inboxes

“We now have visibility into all customer and Pro-Cleaner communication in one place,” says Koenig. “We can quickly tie up all the loose ends and make sure we are providing an excellent service.”

Faster Onboarding

With Front, Cleaning Professionals now spends less time onboarding new employees.

“Before Front, we spent several hours over a two to three week period onboarding new hires onto new tools,” explains Koenig. “How to use team inboxes in Gmail? How to use Hiver? How to use Twilio? How to use social media? It just took forever. Now, with everything in one place, we spend one to two hours onboarding them onto Front.”

Two-minute Response Time or Less

“Lastly, and for us, the most important benefit of Front is being able to measure response time,” says Koenig. “By having the right metrics, like response time per person and volume of requests at different times, we’ve been able to optimize our processes, so that we respond back to customers within two minutes.”

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