Import contacts in Front

There are two ways to import contacts to Front: 

  1. Use our contact API -
  2. Email us a .csv file of your contacts, and we'll import it for you

Column headings and naming conventions are critical for import. Below is an example of a .csv file.

The file may only contain the fields listed below. You can include more than one of each field with the number appended (email2, phone2). Here are some examples of the order in which your file should be. 

  • name,email
  • name,phone,link
  • name,email,phone,group
  • name,email,phone,twitter,description,group
  • name,email,email2,phone,twitter,link,link2,description,group,group2
  • name,email,email2,phone,phone2

Things to know

  • The minimum entry required is one of these: email, phone, or Twitter.
  • If no name is provided, then the name field in Front will be populated with the content from the first email, phone, or Twitter.
  • It is best for you to provide any phone numbers in international format already (with the + and country code).
  • If the link is a URL, then it will be clickable in Front.
  • Group is what you have on the left panel in the contact manager in Front; a contact can belong to multiple groups.
  • Extra columns and rows need to be removed.
  • All contacts will be imported as team contacts.
  • All contacts will be imported to the first team on your list.
  • There is no way to add contacts to other teams.
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  • I need to know if there is a way to fetch custom field of contact from front app...Sorry this question is not related to this thread..could not find a better platform to ask

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  • Hello, is there a way I can view analytics on which countries emails are coming from?

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  • Brooke Hahn At this time, this isn't something that Front analytics includes. However, if you figure out a way to tag each conversation with the Country name, then you can pull analytics on those specific tags.

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  • Is there any particular reason why we can't just import a CSV into FrontApp ourselves..?

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  • Allie Huang We haven't built this capability yet, but we hope to in the future.

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  • If we send a CSV for import, will it update existing customers?

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  • Grant Andrew Yes, it will.

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  • Cori Morris based on phone number, or does the update require an email address? How do we prevent and manage duplicates?

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  • Tim Berman It does not require an email address and duplicates will not occur. If we import contacts with the same name but different email address from what's already in your Contact Manager, the new imported information will override what's already there.

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  • Cori Morris I have dupes from Intercom. Need to be able to associate more than one Intercom cookie with a user as sometimes, they visit from home and work, or on more than one device from home. Some contact via SMS, as well.

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  • Tim Berman You can have multiple phone numbers per contact. On the .csv, your would just need phone2, phone3, etc.

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  • Can 'description' be a number string? 

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  • Chris Morris Yes!

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