Sending an email from one front inbox to another...?

Hey, our sales team has been using FRONT to great success BUT we are trying to expand the usage of front through out the company. One of the processes that we have in place is to email our accounts team with a specific request to then be actioned by the Accounts team.

The issue with this is that FRONT now treats the email sent from sales and to the accounts team as the same email, so when the sales team sends the request and archives the email it is also archived for the accounts team... the consequence is that the accounts team do not receive the email. 

Is there a way so that we can have the accounts inbox treated separate from all our other inboxes. The other option is to use comments but this is not ideal in this instance. 

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  •  Hi David ,

    Great question! If both inboxes are on Front, your Sales team can easily pass that email over to the Accounts team by using 'Move'.

    You can move an email by clicking and dragging the message from the current inbox and dropping it off in the destination inbox. You can also click the 'three-dot' icon at the top of the conversation and select 'Move' to move the conversation to a different inbox.

    Does that solve your problem? 

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  • Hi

    Andersen Yu  No not really as we create the email in FRONT to send to the other FRONT inbox -  all our emails we hit the send + archive button when we send emails. the result is that it disappears and archives it from Inbox 1 and Inbox 2 .  As front treats it as the same email. Any ideas how to get around this? Without changing the send & archive button? 

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  • Hi there David! Unfortunately there's no way to make this work as is, but I think we should be able to find an alternative route. Is it possible for whomever is sending the email to send it from their individual inbox to inbox2? Is there a reason it needs to come from inbox1?

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  • Cori Morris  Not at the moment as we have not set up individual inboxes.. we have a funky internal mail server that for now is very inflexible and internally we use outlook for meetings etc.

    I just gave it ago - not using SMTP as this avoids our funky mail sever,  very loosly connected no auto forward set up either. It does work of a fashion... but I can see that changing emails addresses for this type of mail will start having emails that get lost if somebody forgets to change - I do not really want to use this option.  

    Any other options ? One that would work would be if we would have rules triggering more rules. While trying the rule option I came up with a few issues: 

    1) You cannot set a rule to : unarchive, Unassign & then Move to inbox/ Folder and reassign to another team member. 

    2) If an email is already assigned to person 1 you cannot set the rule to reassign to another - even if the rule is triggered.  

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  • David, I'm going to move this conversation to email. Talk to you there :-)

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  • Hi, did you manage to find a way to make this work, setting up a number of inboxes here and having same issue - can see ways around this but any other thoughts welcome. Many thanks!


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  • Hey Chris,

    Its probably best if you ask the FRONT team Cori Morris  as they came up with some rules that should be able to help you.   They came up with a Generic rule that would work if multiple emails were sent between the inboxes.  As there was  only one specific email that we would only send to the accounts team. 

    I used the following rule attached.

    Once this rule is implemented you would need to assign it to the correct department/ Team member.  The tag also allows you to easily track down the specific email. 


    Hope that helps :) 

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  • David Thacker Many thanks for coming back to me on this, its a good start, and yes Cori Morris if you have any other thoughts do please get in touch.


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  • Hey Chris Mathews,

    Happy to help! Can you share your specific use case so I can better understand what you're trying to accomplish?


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  • Hi  Cori Morris ,

    Use case is as outlined below - basically there are a number of different departments within the company, all of who we want to set up on Front, and need to ensure we get full visibility of issues as they are passed from one dept to another. 

    Currently we have our main Customer Service inbox and an internal ecommerce helpdesk inbox setup on Front. Scenario is as follows:

    • Customer emails to CS, who pick up the email, and one of the agents assigns it to themselves
    • They then forward the email on to the ecom helpdesk, where we effectively want to see it as something new in the queue for this inbox
    • However, because it is already assigned to a CS agent, and Front doesn’t see it now as a new conversation, the team on the ecom helpdesk don’t see it in their unassigned queue. To compound matters, if the CS agent archives their end of the conversation, that applies to the whole thread and so even if someone in ecom has picked it up it could be removed from their open issues.

    Many thanks,


    PS I have also emailed one of your colleagues, Greg about this on the back of a conversation he is having with one of our Directors around licensing.

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  • Chris Mathews, I believe Greg will explain all of this in more detail over the phone, including some upcoming features we're working on, but I wanted to answer it here as well for future customers.

    You mentioned the agent forwards the email from the CS inbox to the helpdesk inbox, so you're essentially sending a message from a shared inbox to a shared inbox. The way Front currently works, only one version of the same message can live between all of your shared inboxes. So, when you forward the message, it's not going to show up as unassigned because it's being archived by the sender. Instead of forwarding the message, it's best practice to move it.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Hi Cori Morris thanks for that, yes am speaking to Greg later this week but that helps confirm my understanding of how it works.

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  • Hi Cori Morris ,

    I am having a similar issue with forwarding emails between shared inboxes. My use case and issues are pretty much the same as Chris' above, except the sub-teams we are forwarding student emails between are Support and Sales.

    I understand that in Front it is best to Move the emails rather than forward, however my problem with that is there is then no record of that email in the inbox it originated in, for us to search back and see the history for that student. (Support and Sales don't have access to each others inboxes, and we would prefer not to change this :) ) Moving it moves the whole thread, not just the part that is relevant to the other dept.

    There are also some cases where the student asks a few questions, some of which need to be answered by Support and some by Sales ie. they are a current student asking about their deadlines, but they are also interested in enrolling in the next level of qualification. In this case outside of Front, Support would reply answering the part about the deadlines and cc in Sales so that they could help with the new enrolment.

    In Front cc'ing is the same as 'forwarding' and so if Support assigns or archives that email, it won't appear as a new email in the Sales inbox.

    So in Front Support replies to the student and then would need to move it to Sales, but then there is no record of that email in Support. Also when the student replies back again it will go into the Sales inbox - which they will then need to move back to Support.

    I am finding it hard to understand the benefit of 'only one version of the same message can live between all of your shared inboxes' as to me this is unintuitive - our 2 shared inboxes are separate email addresses with separate teams that need to be confident they are in control of the messages in their inbox, and that they won't disappear (or not appear as new in the first place) because someone in another part of the business archived their part of that conversation.

    Perhaps you could give me some insight into the logic behind this? Does this work better for all other Front users and we are the exception?

    Another thing to note is that in training new staff it takes a while for them to get use to Moving not forwarding, and in the meantime emails can slip through the gaps if they do forward them.  It also took us a while to figure out that forwarding them was not the way to go. We found out by our students having to chase up previous emails they had sent that weren't answered - not great for the customer experience!

    On the flipside, when emails are moved, it is confusing to not be able to find the email conversation later.

    I am wondering whether we should have separate Front accounts for these 2 teams instead of all being in the one with 2 shared inboxes?

    Any insight/suggestions you have would be much appreciated.




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  • Hi Miriam,

    Happy to help talk you through your options here. I think it's best if you hop on a call with your Customer Success Manager. Could you please email us at and we'll help get that set up?


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  • Hi Cori Morris . We have a variant of this issue, and I'm sure others have had it before as well so hopefully there's an easy solution.  We love Front and want to use it as our only email system. We definitely don't want to also have a different email system. However there are lots of times when we want to email each other about something, with no customer involved. Right now we can't figure out how to do this, so we are resorting to using our personal email addresses which isn't a great solution. Any ideas?

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  • Hi Rachel,

    The way Front works, only one copy of a message lives between all of your team inboxes. Individual inboxes, however,  are private, so if you're wanting to email your other teammates, I suggest each teammate add their own individual inbox to Front so that you guys can email each other.

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  • I could have written this myself, this is exactly what we're experiencing! Surely there's a fix, any chance you could share what the solution is? Thank you in advance! 

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  • Hi Sara, did you read the other comments above? What's your use case for sending emails from one shared inbox to another?

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  • Cori Morris - Hi, our case for sending emails to one another is that we send a check-in report nightly to all of our team members so that they are aware of any changes, incidents, etc... Right now we have no way to share this information with every team member if we can only assign or move emails. What if we need to write an email and send it to a group in our team? Is there  way we can do this, has this issue been resolved?

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  • Sara Kitchell Great question. Yes you can create a contact group in front and send a mass internal email to all our teammates on changes, incidents etc. To learn more on contact groups see this article:

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