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I dont know if anyone agrees with  me, but I dislike the new effect when I assign a conversation to someone. See screenshot here:


This is rather annoying when you are assigning multiple conversations and you are doing it fast using the keyboard... feels like you have to wait until the conversation disappears so you can assign the next one.

I tried doing it fast ignoring this but then it skipped one and took the next message there after.

Anyway, I liked it very much like it was before :(

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  • Hi Ríkharður,

    Thanks so much for writing. This is a new feature, so we appreciate the honest feedback. Not sure I totally understand your issue, though. You can use the keyboard shortcut without having to wait for the previous conversation to disappear. Is it possible to create a quick video to explain your issue?

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  • Hi Cori

    I have created a video that I would rather not post here in public. How can I reach you?

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  • No problem! Ríkharður, feel free to email me at team@frontapp.com.

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  • Hi, I sent you an email - did you get it?

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  • Ríkharður, yes. Our engineers are looking into it and will reply soon :-)

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