PDF being converted to a .DAT file

Receipients are sending me .pdf file attachments. Instead of receiving the .pdf attachment I get a .DAT file(which is unusable). This doesnt happen every time, it only happens at random and has been happening for at least 2 months. 


message ID example:


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  • Hi Adam,

    Check out this article for more information about winmail.dat files.

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  • Hi Cori, Still having issues with this. I receive the email with the attachment as a ".Dat" File. When I forward to my gmail inbox my gmail shows the email and attachment as a PDF. How come gmail is able to see it as a PDF? 

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  • Adam Babish, Winmail.dat is a proprietary attachment format created by a Microsoft Outlook client. Gmail and Outlook clients have the ability to read these documents, but few other email clients do, due to its proprietary nature.  This is a pretty universal frustration unrelated to Front that can only be remedied on the Outlook user's end. I'm sorry!

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