Way to get a Group SMS to record against each individual contact?

So I've set up SMS running through Twilio and it all sends & receives fine.

However when I send a Group SMS to a number of people when I get their response the response comes through individually without the context of the original SMS that was sent.

EG... I get a booking from a customer and then send a group SMS to the possible teams I have that can take that booking. When the individual teams respond their replies some through individually (which is perfect) however I have no idea what the message they are replying to is.

Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere or any way that the context of the original group SMS can be recorded against each contact the sms was sent to?

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  • Hi Terry,

    Currently, with Front's Twilio inbox, when you send an outbound SMS message to a group, we don't thread that with the inbound message. It's not a supported feature at this time.

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