Automate actions with rules

Oftentimes, we handle similar messages the same way every time — like assigning it to the expert on that topic, or tagging it to track how often the issue is coming up.

How it works

Front rules allow you to automate a wide range of actions, so you can save time in the long run. Head to Settings and choose My rules to create a rule for your individual inbox or Rules to create a rule for a team inbox. You can make rules that apply to multiple team inboxes, or just one — whatever you need.

Every rule needs three things:

1. A "when" condition for when the rule should apply

2. "If" conditions for which messages the rule should be a applied to (like messages in a particular inbox or messages received at a certain time of day).

3. A "then" action for what the rule should do.

Here are some of our most popular rules to give you a few ideas, or get more examples in our Rules Directory!

Move a message

Use this rule to move messages to another folder or inbox based on a subject line, SLA commitments, or even a group the sender belongs to.


Send an immediate reply to your customer so they know you’re getting back to them soon.

Send to Slack

Notify a Slack channel or a teammate whenever your conditions are met.

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  • For whatever reason, my auto-reply isn't working.  I have my conditions and triggers set up properly, because my action step is "add tag" and then "reply with".  The tag is being added to the message, but the designated reply isn't being sent.  Am I missing something?

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  • Hey Chad Dixon 

    We can look more into that for you if you email us at with the rule name and the conversation ID (click the circled "i" on the top right and copy ID). 🙂

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