How to send personalized text to a big list?

Hey guys, I'm working in a startup and we are using Front to send some messages for a huge list of contact. In the beginning, we were sending the same message to all the list, but we noticed that personal message like "Hi John, ..." instead of "Hi there, .." converts much more. The problem is that we didn't find a good way to do that, anyone knows how can I make it more automatic? The way that we are doing is copy and paste from a google spreadsheet that we configured to make the sentence using the name of each one.

Thank you a lot!

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  • Hi  Rodrigo Addor , I'd love to talk through your options here. Depending on where you are sending this email out of, which channel you're using, you can use a sequence to send an email to 200 recipients at a time. If you have a big list of customers, I would suggest you use a service like Mailchimp who can deliver your messages on your behalf. 

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  • Andersen Yu thank you a lot for replying, we are using the SMS. How does the sequence work?

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  • Hey  Rodrigo Addor Sequences is actually only for emails so SMS won't work in this case. At this point, there isn't a solution in Front to blast SMS to a group of recipients and have it personalized. I'll take this feedback to our team :)

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  • Hi   Andersen Yu no problem! Let me know if you have an update related with that. Thank you a lot 🙂

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  • Any update on when personalized group sms will be available?

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  • Julian Bryant  Currently we have no set ETA for this feature yet. 

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