Canned responses categories and subcategories missing

Frontapp is an amazing tool to centralize many email accounts, but how to manage let's say 80 canned responses from 4 different little businesses? some are pre-sales, after-sales, technical in each business, and each business works with different processes (ebay, amazon, woocommerce)

I don't think is feasible to have a single list of 80 canned responses,

Business01aftersale Product not received
Business01presale Refunds policy
Business02aftersale Product not received
Business02presale Refunds policy

This trick could work for let's say 15-20 templates, but not for 80.

I can't see other complaints regarding this issue even it's quite basic for me, so I'm assuming maybe my structure is too peculiar?  I'm wondering if anyone succeeded regarding the "canned responses" organization for micro businesses because I tried many apps (frontapp, xsellco, replymanager, zendesk, jira) and still organizing my templates with google docs.....


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  • Hi Joaquin, we do get this feedback from other customers as well so I am sure it is not only your setup here. We really want to make the canned responses more efficient in the future and already have a few feature requests open which we hope will make life easier for everyone. Unfortunately it may take some time for us to implement everything, so I hope you can bare with us a bit longer. If there are any other features you are missing in your day to day operations feel free to drop us a line at We'll be happy to help. :)

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  • I concur with Joaquin - we have about 200 canned responses and it is hard to find  the right one at the moment. 

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