Exporting Contacts

How do I export all contacts?

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  • Hi Dan! You can do this through our API, or send an email to us, and we'll send you a .csv of your contacts.

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  • Hey, Cori.  I see that you can export contacts from FrontApp but what I'm interest in is exporting a log/history of communications with that contact that can then be uploaded to a database.

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  • jrichard68@live.com  Hi! The only way to accomplish this would be to utilize our API and export full conversations.

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  • Cori, you say I can export the full conversations.  Would a persons identity be associated with that conversation? would conversation be tied to their email address or facebook identity, ie. whatever channel it came in originally?  I want to be able to store conversations in a database that already exists with certain established identities

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  • If you export a conversation via the API, the contact information linked to that conversation will include the contact's contact ID, and the handle they used to send this message (email, phone number, etc). 
    You could then use the Contacts API ( https://dev.frontapp.com/#contacts ) to pull additional stored contact information if necessary

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