Rule triggers

Rules have three parts: trigger(s), condition(s), and the resulting action(s). The trigger is the part of the rule that will cause it to take action. It's the when, and specifies the types of events that will cause Front to evaluate if the conditions of your rule are met. 

Below are the list of triggers and their explanations.

  • Inbound message - all incoming messages, both the first in the thread and any replies 
  • Outbound message - all outgoing messages, the first in the thread
  • Outbound reply - all outgoing replies, when replying to an inbound message
  • Comment - anytime a comment is sent in a conversation
  • Mention - anytime an @mention is used in a comment 
  • Reminder activated - when you set a reminder and it reappears in your inbox
  • Conversation assigned - when a conversation is assigned to someone
  • Conversation un-assigned - when a conversation is un-assigned from someone
  • Conversation archived - when a teammate archives a conversation
  • Conversation re-opened - when a teammate unarchives a conversation
  • Conversation deleted - when a teammate deletes a conversation
  • Conversation restored - when a teammate restores a conversation from the Trash
  • Conversation tagged - when a teammate tags a conversation
  • Conversation un-tagged - when a teammate un-tags a conversation
  • Conversation moved - when a teammate moves a conversation to another inbox
  • Message delivery failed - when a message fails to be delivered

Note: Rules cannot trigger other rules. If you have one rule that adds a tag, and another rule that triggers on the tagged conversation, that second rule will not work. 

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