Spell check


Front uses the native OS X spell checker.


Currently there's no way to manually tell the Windows app what language to use. We do offer spell check in various languages, but the Windows app will detect and adapt to the language of the system it’s being used on, and choose the corresponding dictionary.

Disabling spell check on Windows is not possible.

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  • Is there a system setting we can change to specify using a UK language for spell check?

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  • Hi John,

    Unfortunately not. The above information is really all there is to say on spell check.

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  • Hi  Cori ,

    the Windows app will detect and adapt to the language of the system it’s being used on

    Does Front also do this when logging in through the site in stead of the Windows App?

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  • I use OS X (10.12.3) and Front is up to date (3.3.7). When I right-click in the composer window in Front I can´t find Spelling and Grammar or something similar. Also the keyboard-shortcut to Spelling and Grammar does not work.

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  • Hi Martin,

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. We just recently launched a new version of the Mac app, and unfortunately, this is not relevant anymore. We are, however, working on improving the spell check feature.

    I will update this article now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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  • Hi, Any progress on this? Being forced to use US spelling is not making my day!

    Mac OS and Frontapp all up to date.


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  • Graham Stacey Check out this guide for help.

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  • Hi, can you fix the OSX spell checker so it works like in all other OSX apps?

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  • Ram Hi! The team has been very busy with some larger features, but we're hoping to fix this soon.

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  • Hi Cori,  

    We love big feather updates:-)

    But a good working spelling correct is for a dyslectic person as me one of the most important features in an email client:-) 

    I also tried the web version of Front in the hope I could use the Grammarly plug in. But that doesn't work either:-(

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  • Ram Totally understand. We're hoping to prioritize this in our next stabilization week. However, the Grammarly plug in should work with the web app. Some of us use it here actually.

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  • Strange, Grammarly is not working with front in Safari.  (see screenshot)

    but it is working now while typing this🤔

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  • hmm, it's working indeed. But not in the composer pop up.

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  • Ram Oh, ok. Because it's an extension to your browser, we can't help debug this.

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  • ?, I mean your email composer pop up in Safari. (see screenshot)

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  • Ram You're saying that the Grammarly extension isn't working in the pop up, right? That's not something we'll debug since it's an extension.

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